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How do I create a new project?

Go to the PROJECTS page , and click the CREATE PROJECT button to open the project-setup window.

First, choose the project type and enter a project name. You can also send invitations with a click on ADD PEOPLE or select already invited ones from the list.

Click CREATE PROJECT to finish the setup and open the project.

Tip: An editor can co-work on projects, but has no project or account management rights.
A reviewer can view projects and leave feedback notes.

How to filter or hide archived projects?

You can live-search projects by typing their names into the “Filter”-field and permanently show/hide archived projects from the list with a click on the regarding checkbox.

How do I delete a project?

To delete a project click on the Delete icon at the project page right beneath the project you want to delete.

Note: Deleting a project immediately and permanently deletes all it’s data associated with this project. There is no undo so make sure you’re absolutely sure you want to delete this project.

What is the archive for? How do I archive/unarchive a project?

An archived project is a project that is frozen in time and can’t be opened or changed. All the data is left intact, but you can’t add, edit, or remove anything until you de-archive it. Let your client approve a project, then archive it and you’ll always have a reference version of the project available.

To archive/unarchive a project click on the Archive/Unarchive Project icon at the project page right beneath the project you want to archive/unarchive.

Note: Archived projects don’t count against your active project total.

How do i export a project?

You can export design projects including all images,notes and versions to PDF
You’ll find the export feature on the project page right beneath the project you want to export. The export feature will available from our Team plan onwards.

Why can't I create new projects any more?

The “Create” button on the projects page disappears when you don’t have any more active projects available. If you are the account owner you can upgrade your account to have more projects available or you can archive finished projects in order to create a new one.