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"Notism lets us share concept designs easily, not just with our clients but also internally. We can track client feedback all in one place (avoiding messy emails or handwritten notes). Seeing what the team is working on and at what stage a project is, streamlines our workflow and makes all very transparent."
Noel Smetanig - Design Director
"Notism had proved itself to be a powerful addition to my toolbox. As a UX Designer, I constantly share my work with my team and gathering their input has never been easier. Thanks Notism!"
Mali Hirsch- UX Designer - Scott’s Marketplace
"Our clients see the value of Notism IMMEDIATELY. They love the ability to share feedback quickly and effectively across multiple teams, great work guys keep it up!"
Pablo Vera - Director of Digital & Founder
Vera Roca Digital
"Having the capability to swiftly share screens & ideas makes us wonder how we lived without it."
Steve Mebs - President at Box Clever
"We use Notism for iOS App Design and it makes our design process & dialog with the customer so much easier, no more projects without Notism!"
Tobias Braun - Art Director - DELUCKS
"Notism is a lean and clean productivity booster for every team depending on quick and precise feedback from stakeholders and team members. Using Notism in our group of UX/IA designers, art directors and project managers effectively reduced the e-mail hassle and made coordinating the changes on prototype evolution that much easier."
Gerrit Dreher - CD - deepblue networks AG
"Notism saved us a lot of time & mails during the design collaboration process with our clients. It's easy to use, look sexy and is always available."
Daniel Mross - CEO - Avonis New Media
"Notism has become an integral part of our design review process; both internally as well as with our clients. Love it!"
Scott Jacques - Founder - NK Interactive
"Thanks to Notism, we have developed a more efficient working method improving the relationship with our clients by getting quick feedback and approval on design drafts of all kinds. Thanks to the immediacy, clarity, and efficiency of communication that reduced the e-mail hassle between our designers, art directors, and project managers, making our design process much easier."
Simone Brandi - Creative Director - Thinkrea
"We always had a messy way to send out layouts to clients. Now, we have a cleaner and collaborative platform with Notism."
André B. Fernandes - Founder - YOW Brasil
"Our success depends upon us effectively implementing what we learn from customers. Thankfully, Notism has replaced constantly sending wireframes back and forth over email. Now, all our wireframes are easily uploaded and organized on Notism, allowing our whole team to clearly track progress, collaborate, and quickly move projects forward."
Nathan Conroy - H2Oscore
"A very usefull tool! It is easy to learn and can be used intuitively. Clearly a great time saver in development processes."
Klaus D. Müller - Interactive Designer - KDM
"Notism is the easiest way to provide feedback between the conception unit and the creatives. The simple structure also allows you to involve the client in every feedback round."
Lasse Lüders - Appmotion GmbH
"Notism has been great because our clients comment on points that are meaningful to the design process and not about the deliverable format, file order or version."
Julieta Treviño - UX Consultant - Usaria
"We were looking for a fast wireframe-prototype application and found Notism. It's very easy to get used to the work flow and the interface is intuitive with a focus on the core features."
Michael Ehrich - Dev-Media
"Notism is a great team collaboration tool with an easy to use toolbar that allows you to easily sketch or add a comment. Also works great as everything is done in real time and includes version tracking."
Wilberto Tong - Blitzgear - President
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