Getting started is as simple as sketching on paper!
Start your first project & add co-workers during the setup.
A click on the NEW PROJECT button on the PROJECTS page opens the project-setup. Choose a project type, name your project and add new co-workers or select already invited ones from the list.

You can also set the status of your co-workers to reviewers or editors. Editors can upload files, create tasks and add people to projects. Reviewers can only review projects and leave feedback.

Drag and drop your files to upload and start a project.
Simply click the upload files icon in the toolbar and drag & drop your files onto the dashed area.

We currently support the following file formats:
JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF as well as the most common video formats.

More file formats coming soon!

Start the conversation by dropping notes directly on your uploaded images.
Once you've clicked on the screen you can add a message or highlight a larger area with the selection tool.

Attach files to your notes and select the people you want to notify about your new entry by email or realtime notification.

Sketch out new ideas right
on the work.
Select the sketch tool and choose your color, stroke type/width and start sketching right on your uploaded work. Use the eraser to delete sketches.

Sketching works in realtime so you actually see what your co-workers are sketching.
Select the prototyping tool and start adding interactive hotspots to your images.
You can link a hotspot to any page of your project, to an external URL or to an alert window.

Prototyping with Notism provides a fast and easy way of running simple usability tests during the design process phase leading to less iterations later on.
Switch to PROTOTYPE -mode (P) to test your working prototypes.
Create customized previews of your work.
Shared links can be used to grant someone access a project without adding them to your account.

Sometimes you might want to share just one particular screen instead of the whole project or customize the visibility of the side and toolbars for a better user experience.
‘Allow public comments’ enables to collect comments from everyone who follows your shared link.

Happy design reviewing and collaborating and please let us know if we can help you in any way.