Notism is for all who want to improve
their design feedback process.
Notism is being used to stack and explore ideas , to review visual designs, to pitch & critique, to arrange usability tests and to co-author creative work.
From a freelancers home office to the meeting rooms in creative agencies to the idea exploration phase of one of the worlds most recognized museums:
Notism is at the pulse of creativity.
Who will enjoy using Notism?

UX Guerrillas

Upload wireframes, screenshots or drafts. Invite others to critique. Add interactions to show use case scenarios and happy paths.


Discuss layout variations with others or annotate element specifications. Get your design work approved by stakeholders.

IT People

Coordinate development work with other team members over interactive prototypes and plan further development steps.


Communicate with the rest of the creative team by adding your copy exactly where it should appear in the final layout.


Communicate with your team, co-workers and clients directly on the visuals of the next campaign.

Everyone else

Welcome print designers & admen - share your ideas about a screenshot or discuss a sketch, logo, illustration, ad ... with others.

Who's already rocking Notism?