Notism | Design & Video Collaboration app for creative teams
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Share, review and sign-off design & video work.

Why Notism?

Fast & precise feedback

Share, review and sign-off visual content right where it makes sense.

Effective collaboration

Communicate via notes or sketches - right on your uploaded work.

Video collaboration

Communicate in video timelines and directly on the content.

Real-time presentations

With the presentation mode you can present projects in real-time.

Web & mobile prototyping

Turn static screens into interactive prototypes without a line of code.

Design & video versioning

Upload versions of designs & videos and easily switch back and forth.

Solid task management

Assign to-dos to your team to keep things done instead of losing track.

Live notifications

Get realtime feedback notifications from co-workers and clients.

Enhanced security (SSL)

All data is written to multiple disks and backed up daily in multiple locations.

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